Excell was established by Gary Forster in June 1996. Gary Forster is a registered Professional Accountant and a Certified Financial Planner.

Today Excell has a team of Professional Accountants and bookkeepers who provide accounting, tax and specialised business services to a diverse range of clients.

During 2015 Gary Forster became aware of a growing need to expand our levels of service to our clients and began studying a post graduate degree in financial planning. In February 2017 Gary Forster qualified as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and now provides financial planning services, business assurance solutions, investment advice and manages clients retirement funds as part of his consultation services.

Gary Forster, Professional Accountant, Financial Planner



Professional Accountants

Excell Accounting Services is a firm of professional accountants, situated in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg. Each of the accountants employed by Excell, is a member of the South African Institute of Professional Accountants and thereby fully qualified and competent with regard to the performance of their professional duties.

Our Services

Excell provides services to a diverse portfolio of clients including small, medium and large organisations in a number of different industries, as well as individuals and trusts of varying complexity. We offer a wide range of specialised accounting and tax services to our clientele, with the view of adding real value to each and every organisation with which we are associated.

Customer Service

At Excell, we take pride in our ability to manage the financial affairs of large, complex clients, while still catering to the needs of our smaller clients. Every client at Excell is treated with the respect and professionalism that they deserve, regardless of the scope of their requirements. We constantly strive to improve the quality of our services by attending professional seminars, regularly reviewing our business practices and keeping our clients informed of any new developments that may concern them.

Business Partners

We like to work smarter, ultimately ensuring the highest quality of service, quick turnaround times and most importantly, peace of mind. We aim to build and maintain strong working relationships with each and every one of our clients, based on trust and the best of ethical practices. Here at Excell, we believe that through our willingness to assist and guide our clients in the achievement of their business objectives, we can become business partners, rather than merely business accountants.

Our Goal

It is with the above goal in mind that we wish to maintain our objective of being more than just accountants.